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    The Bad Ol’ Daze: Baddest Hits 2002-2009 is on sale now for a very limited time only. It’s a hard copy CD featuring 11 of THE COMPULSIONS’ deepest, darkest, most dangerous tracks culled from their now infamous string of critically acclaimed EPs, Laughter From Below(2003), Demon Love(2008) and Been Through Hell (2009). Everything from sleazy rockers like “Down On The Tracks” and“Jungle Disease” to the proto-punk snarl of “Can’t Get Through To You” and “Rock ‘N’ Roll Johnny” to the epic downward spiral of“Davy Jones’ Locker” and much, much more. You’ll get 11 scorching tracks packed with more sex, drugs and drama than you can handle. If you’re a fan of simple, straight up, blues infused raunch ‘n’ roll like early AC/DCAEROSMITHNEW YORK DOLLS and THE ROLLING STONES then this dirty li’l disc is a must-have for your collection and it’s available exclusively at ReverbNation for just $12.99 (reg. $15.99). But The Bad Ol’ Daze ain’t gonna last forever. It’s a limited run release that gets yanked off the digital shelf on Friday, October 12 at midnight so click the link below now and order yours today. “Rock ‘N’ Roll Johnny & His Band Of Thieves… answerin’ to no one, doin’ what they please!”

    ‎”COOLEST BAND IN THE WORLD” - Ken McIntyre, Classic Rock Magazine


    "One of the last true New York-style bands. This city used to breed genuine creative people with a ‘fuck the bullshit’ attitude. This is the music that depicts a once grim, harsh, uncompromising city that never bit its tongue. We want our rock & roll city back. The Compulsions are more or less all we have left of a monumental time period. They might as well be a four-man CBGB. I could find countless ways to compare these guys to any of the great bands they resemble like The Stones or GN’R or The Heartbreakers or The Dolls but the most outstanding element of this band regardless is that they capture the aura of New York City. With a native New York frontman who has seen New York during its purest years and three other badass musicians who preserve this sound, we need a city flag made with these guys on it.”



    Last week’s broadcast now online! Dark, dirty, dangerous rock & roll! Thanks again to DJ Dave Renegade!
    A message from the Compulsions

    Thought you might find this interesting: According to U.S. iTunes, fans who’ve been buying THE COMPULSIONS critically acclaimed Beat The Devil LP have also been buying albums by SLASH, six albums by IZZY STRADLIN and this just in, THE ROLLING STONES’ newly released Deluxe Edition of Some Girls. Once again, thank you for your support and of course, your exceptional taste in music. Groove on!

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    France’s went public today with a brand new video interview featuring COMPULSIONS lead guitarist, Richard FortusFortus talks at length about THE COMPULSIONS, their new, critically acclaimed studio album Beat The Devil, musical influences, gigging in New York City and much, much more!



    "Coolest Band In The World" - CLASSIC ROCK MAGAZINE